Unirac U-LA 403215C 2" Slider Aluminum

Quick Overview

  • Replaces the Unirac 330021
  • Attaches lower end of north-south cross braces to rear legs
  • Anchors both ends of east-west braces
  • Includes 3/8-inch hardware

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Unirac Large Arrays start at 3 kilowatts, but their size is limited only by the size of your ground site or the structural strength of your flat roof. We design U-LAs to support a wider range of site and climactic challenges than any other PV structure on the market. U-LA aluminum or steel components merge with SolarMount rails and installer-supplied steel pipe to form durable, rigid truss structures.


Material:                                 Galvanized Aluminum

Product Type:                         Hardware

Application:                            Flat roof

Unirac U-LA 403215C 2" Slider Aluminum

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