OutBack 3000 W, 120 Volt | GTFX3048 | Sealed Grid-Tie Inverter

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The OutBack true sinewave grid-interactive inverter/charger is a complete power solution. It incorporates a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch housed within a die-cast aluminum chassis. The GTFX and GVFX Series Inverter/Chargers give you the ability to sell solar, wind or hydro power back to the utility grid while providing instantaneous back-up power in the event of a utility outage. Our built in transfer switch automatically disconnects your loads from the utility grid and powers them from the inverter in the event of an outage, allowing you to continue using your solar and battery back-up power, unlike traditional grid-tie systems. Intelligent multi-stage battery charging prolongs the life of your batteries and built-in networked communications enables you to stack up to two units while simultaneously communicating with other OutBack Power components. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional inverter/charger away. Our GTFX series uses a sealed chassis that can operate in the harshest environmental conditions such as high humidity and corrosive salt air while the GVFX series uses a vented chassis with “bug proof ” screened openings that allow high output AC power various operating conditions.


OutBack Power inverter/chargers are the only choice when you need a true sinewave, powerful, modular and reliable power solution for your home, business or extreme application

Outback GTFX3048 Sealed Inverter is a Grid-Tie inverter. It is a perfect power solution for home and business applications. With the OutBack grid-interactive system, backup AC power is available 24 hours a day. Automatic power-saver at night saves the batteries for longer time period. You can either use it without solar array to provide emergency backup power or create a fully automated system with addition of charge controllers. Encased in aluminum frame, the inverter can operate even in extreme weather condition. The Outback GTFX3048 inverter comes with a standard 2-year warranty with 10-year warranty for California residents.


  • Provides power when the grid is out

  • Sell renewable energy back to the grid

  • Sinewave output

  • Intelligent battery charging

  • Up to 6.0 kVA

  • Sealed chassis for harsh environment

  • Corrosion resistant internal components

  • Field serviceable


Safety Ratings & Certifications



 Input Data (DC)

Nominal DC Input Voltage 48 VDC
Continuous Power Rating at 25° C (77° F)  3000 VA
AC Voltage/Frequency
120 VAC 60 Hz
Continuous AC RMS Output at 25° C (77° F) 25.0 amps AC
Idle Power (Full)
~ 20 Watts
Idle Power (Search)
~ 6 Watts
Total Harmonic Distortion (Typical)
Total Harmonic Distortion (Maximum)
Output Voltage Regulation ± 2%
Maximum Output Current (Peak)
70 amps AC
Maximum Output Current (RMS)
50 amps AC
AC Overload Capability (Surge)
6000 VA
AC Overload Capability (5 sec)
4800 VA
AC Overload Capability (30 mins)
3200 VA
AC Input Current Maximum 60 amps AC
AC Input Voltage Range (MATE Adjustable) 160 to 300 VAC 108 to 132 VAC
AC Input Frequency Range 59.3 to 60.5 Hz
DC Input Voltage Range 42 to 68 VDC
Continuous Battery Charge Output 35 amps DC



Typical efficiency
93 %


 Mechanical Data

Operating Temperature Range -40º C to 60º C (power derated above 25º C)
Weight (Unit)
62 lbs (28kg)
Weight (Shipping)
67 lbs (30 kg)
Dimensions (Unit)
13 x 8.25 x 16.25”
Dimension (Shipping) 21.75 x 13 x 22"



Standard 2 year / Optional 5 year  

OutBack 3000 W, 120 Volt | GTFX3048 | Sealed Grid-Tie Inverter

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