King Solarman's Solar Light Tower

There are a lot of newly formed Solar Light Towers but King Solarman's Solar Light Tower is now talk of the time which has established a wide range of outstanding features and performance for outdoor lighting applications. King Solarman's Light Tower specializes in providing high-performance, eco-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions for commercial, government, institutional, tactical military applications as well as King Solarman is the future of Mobile Lighting  for the Telecom, Construction, Movie Production, Music Event, Fire Department, Parking Lot and Mining Industry. All Progress of King Solarman’s products, such as battery, charger, controller, electrical design, LED Lighting, Remote Control Function, are manufactured in Fremont and San Jose, CA. Our San Jose Team can provide Just-In-Time service and repair for your Solar Light Tower. Our Solar Panel's solar cell has 22% efficiency. LED can generates over 30,000 Lumens. Light can last for 20-40 hours, based on your request. 


King Solarman's Light Tower is famous for:

  • •  Using Solar Light Tower, you do not need to burn the gas, diesel and carry the heavy fuel from gas station to the job site.
  • •  It reduces the cost of event planning moreover there is NO bad Sound or Smell.
  • •  King Solarman's Solar Light Tower is only $1,000 per month to rent.
  • •  When the light is on, it generates over 30,000 lumens in the area.
  • •  LED light will last 20 to 40 hours.
  • •  King Solarman has 7 or 8 different kinds of Solar Light Tower, depending on your request, environement, temperature, and location.


Traditional diesel light towers need frequent refueling and maintenance on the other hand King Solarman's San Jose and Fremont engineer team, can design the best Solar Light Tower for you and here you will get advenced technological amenities. For instance, Solar Light Tower can add on Camera, Sensor, Wifi Equipment, Cell Phone Telecom System and Pollution Detection. It has also designed a mobile solar light tower that illuminates large outdoor areas without loud engines or use of diesel fuel. 


Great appreciation from well known event management firms :

King Solarman's Solar Light Tower has achived great appreciation from very well known event management firms and they are also accociated with this Light Tower since a long years. Some newly emerged farms are happy usign King Solarman's Solar Light Tower and its unique outstanding features. Companies, such as Google, Apple and AT&T are using King Solarman's Solar Light Tower. There are more Fortune 500 companies approach King Solarman for the lastest technology on Solar Light Tower. 


The past history of King Solarman's Solar Light Tower was also golorious. America's Cup in San Francisco, Califorina, uses King Solarman's Solar Light Tower to light the dark parking lot and event equipment in 2012. There were some expensive speakers, stolen during the Amerian Cup event and the event planner reached out King Solarman to provide the latest technology on Solar Light Tower. After installing the King Solarman's Solar Light Tower, the whole dark event area, all the sudden, it has the bring lighting and camera on. This helps out the security for America's Cup, as there are so many VIP and American Cup equipment, boat, people surrounding. Till now American Cup is accociate with King Solarman's. Last Christmas, there are some farmers used King Solarman's Solar Light Tower, for the Pumpkin Patch. From time to time, construction companies use King Solarman's Solar Light Tower for their construciton site. It saves thousands of dollar for the diesel fuel and it solves a lot of legal issue because it prevents construction workers to breath the polluted air and hear the noise from the generator. It is very welcome to contact: King Solarman Inc. at 48900 Milmont Dr. Fremont, CA 94538. Email: Tel: 408-373-8800.

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  • •  No fuel costs - HUGE SAVINGS
  • •  No engine maintenance
  • •  Silent operation
  • •  Efficient, bright, and long lasting LED fixtures
  • •  Made in the USA
  • •  Zero emissions
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