Residential Solar Panels

What is Residential Solar?

People use many terms for a residential solar energy system, for example Grid-tie (tied into the energy grid), Residential solar, and Home solar. They all have the same meaning: A Residential solar electric system provides clean and renewable power from the sun directly to your house eliminating your electric bills from the very first day.

Benefits of Residential Solar

Zero Electric Bills

Residential solar systems allow you to eliminate your electric bills and start saving from the first day. Electricity is getting expensive every day but solar energy enables you to get rid of the high electricity bills forever.


An average residential solar electric system reduces CO2 emmission by 89,429 lbs. per year; the equivalent of planting 130 trees every day.

Electricity, Hot water, Heat

The Photovoltaic (PV) produces electricity to power your house, the Passive thermal produces heater air to warm your home and the Thermal hot water produces hot water for normal use.

What's included in the Residential Solar Kit?

To install a Solar system to your house, you will need a complete Residential Solar Kit. The Kit includes the following components:

  • Photovoltaic Array (The array of solar panels and modules arranged in a sequence to make a complete unit)
  • Photovoltaic Array Circuit combiner
  • Photovoltaic Array switch AC/DC inverter
  • Battery charge controller
  • AC fused switch
  • Mounting system

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AUO 240 Watt Poly + Enphase M215 = $1.29
Our Price: $4,960
 5 KW SMA Inverter + 27 pcs of AUO 240 Watt Poly = $1.11/Watt
List Price: $7,150 Our Price: $7,150

Our Price: $0
Enphase M215 GRID-TIE 240 Watt SOLAR PANEL Package ( 16 pcs )
List Price: $6,720 Our Price: $6,720

Our Price: $0
List Price: $12,500 Our Price: $12,500

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