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About King Solarman

King Solarman is the premiere provider of the industry's Best Solar Panels and Solar Products in the lowest price. Our Solar Products are sourced from the Top Manufacturers in the world. In addition to offering great products, our prices are also the most competitive online, with 5 warehouses in SF, LA and NYC. Installing Solar at your home or business has never been easier or cheaper!

Since 2008, King Solarman has been providing quality, affordable, industry leading solar panels, solar inverters, solar mountings, LED Lighting, solar water heater, solar trailer, off-grid products, 100% solar finance, Tax Equity Investment, Solar Project Development to customers worldwide. Due to our large joint venture with partners, we're able to leverage our resources and obtain large volumes of various solar panel makes and models for much less than our competitors. We're then able to pass the savings on to the consumer and supply all necessary components to install your solar project; from a small personal solar install to a massive corporate campus, King Solarman can supply the job.

Additionally, at King Solarman, our primary concern is that your extremely satisfied with your renewable energy product purchase. Secondly, we want to ensure that you're educated about solar panels, products, and best practices. Contact us with any questions about your products or any inquiries as to how you can become better educated about solar and finance. We look forward to working with you to make your immediate environment more sustainable, efficient, and low cost, thanks for doing your part.

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