100% Solar Financing $150K, No Income Check, 5% Interest Rate, 7 Years Term

King Solarman provides a variety of financing options for solar customers to realize the dream they've always had; and save money!

The benefits of financing your solar panel install and solar panel purchase are numerous, and include:

  • - Quick and easy access to solar power.
  • - Turnkey solar design and installation.
  • - Affordable payment options.
  • - Power Production Guarantee.
  • - Utility bill savings.
  • - Insurance and system warranty.
  • - Worry-free maintenance and monitoring.

To qualify for the financing of your solar system purchase and installation, you must meet the following criteria:

  • - 680-700 FICO options.
  • - No foreclosures/bankruptcy within the last 4 years.
  • - No 60 day late payments within the last years.
  • - No recent mortgage delinquencies.

Zero Down Payment

  • - No upfront installation cost.
  • - Homeowners realize lower monthly payments and reduced utility bills.
  • - Down Payment Plan.
  • - Pre-pay whatever amount you're comfortable and enjoy the lower monthly lease payments.

Prepaid Lease Option

Wtih a prepaid lease, customers can make one payment upfront and enjoy the remainder of the term payment free. This option is ideal for homeowners that can take advantage of leasing and realize better kWh value every month as they forego a lease payment.

100% Solar Leasing, -3% Interest Rate, Full Doc, Min $500K Loan Amount, 10 yrs

Benefits to Business Owers:

  • - Easy application process
  • - Financing options for every homeowner
  • - Prepay
  • - Partial Prepay (minimum FICO 700)
  • - Zero-down (minimum FICO 700)
  • - No equity required
  • - No maintenance or installation costs
  • - Anticipated 60 days from lease signing to interconnection
  • - Live monitoring included
  • - No insurance obligation
  • - 20-year term and performance guarantee
  • - Power production guarantee

1-7 Years Term Finance For Installers and Business Owners ( No Income Check ), 5% Interest Rate


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