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Solar Installation Basics

“How does solar work?” this is a common question when homeowners start researching about solar. The actual basics are quite easy to understand once you have a basic knowhow of the different components involved and how they interact with one other. Basically a grid-tied solar electric system consists of 3 main components

  • ♦  The Solar Panel Array
  • ♦  The Inverter
  • ♦  The Bi-Directional electricity meter


  • 1. Sunlight is absorbed through the solar panels that are installed on your roof, as the panels are hit by rays, current is generated by a phenomenon known as the photovoltaic affect. This current is then forwarded to the inverter.
  • 2. The inverters job is to convert the generated direct current (DC) in to alternating current (AC). It is this form of electricity that your home uses to power lights, appliances and other electronics.
  • 3. The inverter then supplies AC electricity to the various electric panels in your home and thus you now use solar power.
  • 4. In case more electricity is being produced than what is currently being consumed, the inverter sends the excess power back to the grid via the bidirectional utility meter.
  • 5. Over time, your utility account is accredited with all excess electricity sent back to the grid. In case the rate of consumption increases the rate of production (i.e. at night) your solar electric credits are used first, through a process called net metering.
  • 5. Homes outfitted with solar are shifted to an annual billing schedule, electric credit and debit is calculated anew each month. This policy of monitoring your solar credits is called Net Metering, this policy ensures that solar homes receive credit for each unit of electricity fed back to the grid.


Benefits of Installing Solar Power

Once solar is up and running there are various benefits, not just for the homeowner but the environment and our planets future.


Solar Savings

Paying for electricity is something everyone does, but you need to ask yourself, “how much do you want to pay for electricity?” . Solar power offers an efficient and clean efficient to the electric utility. Homeowners will save money regardless of weather they buy solar outright or via financing. They are looking at an electricity rate lower than that of utility prices. Once the system is operational, future utility rates are easily avoided and you can actually see your saving grow every year. An easy way to determine if you will reduce your power bill is by simply comparing your current average electricity rate vs the per kWh cost of solar. California has some of the highest electricity rates in the country and these days solar energy is generally cheaper to generate, as once the panels are installed , all future utility rate spikes will be avoided as solar has a fixed cost of generation. Electricity costs will eventually rise while solar costs stay constant so saving will increase on a yearly basis.


Solar improves home value

According to a study conducted by the US Department of energy solar power boost a home’s value. The study analyzed sales of solar homes over a 9 year period and concluded than 20$ is added to the home’s value for every 1$ saved via solar. These home sold for an average $17,000 more than comparable homes without solar. The home surveyed averaged a 3.1kW solar system. Homes with solar are an added attraction to buyers due to fixed electric costs and for being generally more environmentally friendly.


Use green power

2013 marked the year with the highest C02 levels in the atmosphere. We at King-Solarmans know that it doesn’t have to be this way. We take pride in the fact the not only do we provide clean and green energy to the masses at a competitive price but our solar installations save millions in fuel every year. We are passionate about serving those customers who care about high quality solar and a healthier sustainable future.


Support jobs in your community

King-Solarmans has been in the solar business for quite some time, our employees work and live in your community. When you chose us as your contractors you chose local workers who have a deep understanding of local laws and practices , this helps to not only get the work done faster but also in a hassle free way.


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